How to Preserve the Shine of Your Hardwood Floor


Are your hardwood floors losing their shine? Protect your hardwood floors in Acworth, GA, with these tips from the experts at Emperial Hardwood Floors.

Refinishing and Waxing

The best way to preserve your hardwood flooring is to have them refinished with wax. An easy way to tell if you need new wax is to perform a water drop test. If a drop of water holds it shape on the wood's surface, you don’t need more wax. Most homes need a wax job at least once a year, twice for homes with a lot of traffic. Waxing too frequently can actually dull the look of your wood. Unlike varnish, wax fills in the cracks and crevices in the planks, reducing the sound of creaking when you walk on them. You don’t have to sand your floors down to the boards to apply wax unless you want to change the color of your wood with a stain.

Weekly Cleaning

Once your floors are sealed and waxed, preserve the shine with daily and weekly cleaning. Using a soft bristle broom, sweep your floors on a regular basis. Give particular attention to foyers and mudrooms where heavy foot traffic will track dirt and debris into your home. Always sweep before you mop because mopping will push debris around the floor, scratching the surface, and ruining your finish. Clean your floors with a non-abrasive mop and a gentle cleaning solution. 

Foot Traffic

In high traffic areas like foyers, mudrooms, and living room, consider putting down area rugs and runners. These areas tend to lose their shine faster, but carpeting will protect your floors and prevent dirt from tracking through the rest of the home. You can also establish a no-shoes policy in your home. Ask family members and guests to remove their shoes at the door and eliminate the potential for dirt and scratches. If you have pets, keep their nails trimmed or capped to preventing scratch marks. By being proactive and protecting your hardwood flooring in Acworth, GA, you and your family and enjoy your floors for years to come.