How to Choose the Perfect Hardwood Floor for Your Home


Congratulations! You’ve just moved into a house and you’re starting a list of renovations to make it your own. Before you delve into wall color or matching furniture styles, consider refinishing hardwood floors in Marietta.

Your flooring is the base from which all other decoration decisions are made. There are number of styles of hardwood flooring, including an option to refinish what’s currently in the home. When considering your future floor, take the following into consideration.

Who Lives in the House?

This is a major consideration when thinking about new floors.  Specifically, do you have kids or are you planning on it? And, do you have pets?

Children, canines, and felines can quickly ruin a beautifully installed hardwood floor. Talk to your flooring representative about who lives with you and they'll point you toward a material that can take the abuse.

What Is Your Lifestyle?

Simply put, is there a mat by the door for shoes? Nothing degrades stunning hardwood floors faster than external dirt tracked through, then ground into the surface. If you're a household that requires people to remove their shoes at the door, feel free to pick one of the more tender woods. If every manner of shoe, from sneaker to cleat, runs across the floors, you’ll need to consult with prefinished hardwood flooring in Marietta to be sure your floors can tolerate it.

Where Is the Best Location?

Whether your home is quiet and serene or filled with the joy of growing children, you can still have stunning floors. You just need to choose the optimal room for refinishing hardwood floors in Marietta. Avoid the kitchen and other high-traffic rooms, opting for a sunroom or a dining room that’s used for more formal gatherings.

How Do I Refinish the Existing Floors?

The process of refinishing hardwood floors is intense. You really should contact a professional with experience. All furniture will need to be removed from the area, including taking off baseboards and moving out appliances. The sanding and smoothing process is hard work, followed by multiple applications of your chosen stain and an effective sealer.

If you choose your flooring wisely, take consistent care of it, and re-seal as necessary your hardwood floors are built to last the lifespan of your home.