Buyer's Guide to Choosing the Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors


Recent trends indicate that installing a hardwood floor in Marietta is the preferred choice by an overwhelming majority of local homeowners. After installation, the question becomes one of upkeep and which, if any, vacuum is best for your floor.

With few exceptions, even the best hardwood flooring company in Marietta avoided giving advice on vacuuming a hardwood floor. This is because it used to be a combination of peril and futility. The peril was that vacuums oriented towards rugs would mar the wood floor. The futility was that if you managed to vacuum without harming your floor, not many of the vacuuming options did a very good job. That has changed. Here are some options.

Canister Vacuums

Canister vacuums generally do a better job on hardwood floors than upright or stick models. This is because they bring more focused suction to the floor, which reduces the propensity of dust or debris being dispersed. With a canister vacuum, the make or model generally doesn’t matter; what’s important is that the suction is consistent, strong, and that the attachments affix tightly to the floor. Your hardwood flooring company in Marietta can give you recommendations if this is the way you want to proceed.

One canister option that is available is bagless. These avoid having to change the bags although they do require more filters than a traditional bagged canister vacuum. Some bagless canister vacuums serve a dual purpose of cleaning both carpet and hardwood.


Bagged upright vacuums are not usually the best option for hardwood flooring, mainly because they’re ungainly, the airflow is not consistent, and the brushes tend to disperse dust, dirt, and debris. Older bagged upright vacuums are also heavy and have metal parts underneath, which can scratch and mar hardwood floors.

Newer versions of bagged uprights, however, have been designed to be used on hardwood. They have greater suction, fewer metal parts where the vacuum comes into contact with the floor, more smoothed plastic edges, and because the suction is greater, do not disperse much in terms of dust, dirt, or debris.

Another option is the bagless upright. These have been modified and specially designed to be very effective on wood floors. They also can be used on carpet and most other surfaces. Depending on the size of the dirt collection canister, a bagless upright generally tends to be more mobile than a bagged upright.


There are a number of stick vacuum options that run on both batteries and conventional electricity. The benefit of a stick is it’s lightweight, most can be converted to smaller handheld vacuums, and many come with multiple attachments to tackle anything from furniture to drapes to difficult-to-reach spaces on your floor or ceiling.

The days of methodically sweeping up dust, dirt, and debris before mopping your hardwood floors are over if you want them to be. With new advances in traditional and new vacuum concepts, the only challenge you face in up keeping your hardwood floor in Marietta is what type of vacuum do you want to use.