What to Look for in a Hardwood Flooring Company

The process of selecting the right hardwood flooring company is exciting ground for many homeowners. Since we live in our homes, we need to know we can trust the companies which renovate our spaces. Emperial Hardwood Floors, Inc., understands the need to foster a home as well as a house. Below is a list assembled by the best hardwood flooring company in Kennesaw, GA, to help build your dreams with safety and beauty in mind.


You need to determine the company’s legitimacy. Trustworthy companies prove themselves by carrying proper accreditation. Members of the NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association) have the connections and certified knowledge to guarantee a smoothly installed product. Companies which sell prefinished hardwood flooring in Kennessaw, GA, often have business liability policies which determine recompense and delivery of goods in case of fault or injury. The company is responsible for accrediting and vetting their employees and subcontractors in order to maintain a consistent product throughout the process.

Proper Installation of Floor

It's important for your hardwood company to source and acclimate the wood properly. The company must ascertain whether the wood has been milled appropriately as well as kiln-dried to gain a moisture content which is adequate to your geography and the NFWA Guidelines. Otherwise, your flooring will warp once it adjusts to its surroundings. Despite the demands of schedules, Emperial Hardwood Flooring, Inc., cannot recommend installing a floor before the proper drying techniques have been applied.


The company may offer a warranty for damage or workmanship after the initial installation. Warranties can cover installation, finishing procedures, maintenance, restoration, and water damage repairs.

Proper Installation

Does the flooring company offer hardwood flooring installation in Kennesaw, GA? Some companies offer dust-evacuation services which can make adjusting to your new floor a cleaner process. In addition, the company can suggest and quote available stains and finishes for your new floor.