Types of Hardwood Flooring

Living room

Hardwood floors can make your home feel warmer. A natural looking floor with a beautiful finish can last decades, but even better, it can also create the exact atmosphere you want in a room. At Emperial Hardwood Floors in Marietta, we know that the choices you are faced with when choosing the right flooring material are often made using preference rather than economics. To make those choices easier, we've outlined some important types of hardwood floors that you may not have thought about.]

Finish Him (Or Don't)

When choosing hardwood floors, you want to choose if you are going to get prefinished or have the floors finished on site. Prefinished floors are done and ready to walk on when they are installed. They also don't release any VOCs, so you can breathe easier.

Unfinished floors require time to dry. They can be finished to match the current flooring in your home, so they are more flexible. Unfinished flooring is generally the best choice for kitchens because the finish gets in the cracks and creates a seal against water and spills.

Like a Train (Or Not)

Engineered hardwood floors are made to withstand a greater range of humidity and are generally more durable than natural hardwood floors. However, natural flooring can be sanded throughout the life of the floor. Engineered wood floors can only be sanded once or twice before needing to be replaced.

Fruit, Nuts, or Other

The best woods for hardwood flooring in Marietta are those that come from sustainable forests. Walnut, cherry, and oak are some of the choices, and these will depend on your sense of aesthetics and style. Maple, mahogany, and ash are other popular hardwoods for flooring. If you are renovating an old home, you might visit a salvage yard to find old flooring. These will be less expensive than buying new and complement the older home. Since these woods have already been harvested, you're helping the environment.