Tips for Fixing Squeaky Hardwood Floors

Your home may boast the loveliest wood floors in all of Kennesaw, GA, but if they squeak as you tiptoe through the house for that midnight snack, you may feel like taking a chainsaw to your gorgeous wood floors, or covering it all with industrial thick carpet. Put down the saw! There’s an easier way to do wood floor repairs. Here are a few things you can do to eliminate that squeaking sound:

Diagnose the Problem

There are a number of things that can make your hardwood floors creak. That sound could be due to space between the subfloor and the floorboards, caused by loose or missing nails, or not enough or inappropriate adhesive between the subfloor and the hardwoods. Or, there may be poor support or insufficient bridging.

Consider Solutions

If you have room beneath the floor, through a basement or crawl space, you may be able to strategically place shims to end the squeaking. You may even be able to replace or hammer in loose nails connecting the hardwoods to the floor joists. You can also attempt to lubricate the floor boards with a powder designed to eliminate floor squeaks. These powders, when sprinkled on hardwood floors, seep into the floorboards and quiet the noise. You may need to apply the powder more than once to get the desired effect. Good news is that it’s easy to almost silence any squeak with a few tricks.

We hope these DIY tips will quickly help you fix any squeaky hardwood floors.