Tips for Choosing Hardwood Flooring

So, you’ve been thinking and thinking about it. Now, you've finally decided it’s time to invest in some hardwood flooring for your home. Since you’ve started researching, though, you’ve realized that there are a lot more things to consider than what you initially were expecting. Where do you begin? Well, this infographic is perfect to get you started on the process of deciding upon the best hardwood flooring for your home.

The first thing you’re probably thinking about is the appearance of the wood. You want it to look perfect in your home. The colors range from blond to black. Color is also affected by the finishing you choose. You might choose oil finishing for a softer, more natural feel. This is easier to scratch and less resistant to stain than polyurethane finishing, though, which is another option. Certain traditional woods like oak or maple are durable and long-lasting, while more exciting woods like mahogany would be a softer material. You’ll also want to decide what size of planks will be installed. Do you want wide planks for a rustic appearance, or thinner strips of wood to appear more modern?

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