Things to Consider Before Hiring Hardwood Flooring Refinishing Services

Are you getting ready for your next home improvement project? Floors are often neglected by those who think that it’s too big or too inconvenient to tackle, but it doesn’t have to be either with proper planning. As you’re looking into wood floor refinishing in Kennesaw, GA, we have a few things for you to think about.

Choosing the Right Service

As with most services, finding the right company to refinish your floor is an important process that can mean a huge difference in quality and in reliability. The best way of finding a reliable company for prefinished hardwood flooring in Kennesaw, GA is to ask friends and family in the area for references. Whether or not you know anyone who has had any recommendations, you should also check online for the business reputation.

Choosing the Right Stain

Refinishing floors involves sanding away the old, damaged finish and then applying the new finish, usually about 3 coats. For a full refinishing, stain will be applied during this process, so you’ll need to think about what colors you’ll want. You may choose a new stain color that matches the old stain if you like the color or if it goes well with the rest of your interior, or you may go for a new look. These days, some of the most popular colors are grey, white, and chocolate brown. Keep in mind as you’re choosing your stain that the wood of your floor might be lighter than your current stain.

Thinking Ahead

Finish takes a while to dry. The project will take several days to complete, since each coat needs to dry before the next goes on, and you cannot walk on it while it’s wet. Some people choose to simply cordon off the area, but most decide to steer clear during a hardwood flooring refinishing in Kennesaw, GA, and stay with local friends. This means you don’t have to worry about the hassle of avoiding the floors, and you don’t need to be bothered by the sounds of the sander or the smells of the finish. The experts at Emperial Hardwood Floors is here to help you on your next hardwood flooring refinishing project!