Signs That Your Wood Floor Needs to Be Refinished

Hardwood floors give your home a classic, timeless look. However, as with most things, they require regular upkeep to make them last the lifetime of your home. Your daily activities will eventually wear down your floor’s finish. Be sure to watch for clear-cut signs of wear and tear, and call the pros in hardwood floor repairs in Kennesaw. You might be wondering how to tell you need to refinish your wood floors. Read this blog to learn about the top indicators that you need to call a hardwood floor repair company like Emperial Hardwood Floors, Inc.


Certain areas of your home see the most foot traffic daily, such as the kitchen. These are most likely to need refinishing. The signs are, for the most part, pretty apparent, especially if you have pets or are constantly moving furniture around. These scratches are unsightly, and just covering them up won’t do the trick. If left untreated, the wood can crack or splinter, which presents a safety hazard for you and your family.

Water Damage

Hardwood floors are not the best at resisting splashes and moisture. Water can seep in through the wood, and can heavily damage to the floors to the point of full replacement if you don’t refinish them. There is an easy way to test if your finish is wearing thin. You can pour a few droplets of water into the floor. If the water soaks in quickly, you must call professionals in wood floor repairs in Kennesaw to come refinish the floor.


Fading is mostly due to damage caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight. Harmful UV rays will cause the floors to look discolored and unhealthy. You can tell if you compare areas where light comes through with areas covered up either by shade or even an area rug. Sanding and refinishing the floors will take care of this problem.

Remember, if your floors have more severe signs of damage like bent floorboards, replace your floors before having the pros come in to refinish them.