Refinishing Floors : Why You Should Hire A Professional

Hardwood floors are very stylish right now, and finding them under old carpet is akin to discovering a buried treasure in your home. Whether you’ve just discovered hardwood in your home or you’ve had it for some time, you’ll probably need to consider refinishing your hardwood floors periodically through the years to ensure they keep their beauty and durability.

When you decide it’s time to refinish hardwood floors in your house, we recommend that you call a professional to get the job done, and here’s why:

·         Professionals have an understanding of the many different types of hardwoods that are commonly used for flooring. This information and experience will guide them to the proper sanding and conditioning of your floors.

·         They have the right tools and know how to use them. A professional hardwood refinisher already has all the tools they need to cover big areas and get into all the small spaces and edges of a room. By the time you rented all the equipment and figured out how to use it, you may as well have hired an expert to come in and get the job done efficiently and correctly.

·         A licensed and insured contractor will be able to cover their costs if something goes wrong. Homeowners that take on the task themselves could be out a lot of time and money if they make a mistake and have to repair or replace their floors.

·         Professionals know how to mix and apply different stains and finishes on floors to get you the color and sheen you want depending on your particular wood type and grain.

When it comes to the hardwood floors in your house, take our professional advice and hire the experts. You’ll be glad you contracted the work out when you see the finished product. Beautiful and professionally done hardwood floors will be a showstopper in your home while also adding a lot of value to your home overall.