Refinishing Floors: The Process

Beautiful, professionally refinished wood floor refinishing in Kennesaw, GA, can add value to your home while making it look even more beautiful and just the way you want it. Here is a brief rundown of the steps that you will take to refinish hardwood floors to get them from drab to refinished fab.

Hire a Professional

The first thing you want to do is make sure you are working with the most highly qualified professional. Ask for recommendations from friends and family you know who have had their floors refinished. Collect a few estimates from different contractors, and then choose the contractor who provides the best value.

Prepare the Flooring

Next, be sure that your floors are all prepared for the process. There is a whole lot of sanding involved in refinishing your floors, so cover your air vents to keep sawdust from floating throughout your house. What many people do is set up camp in one room in the house that isn’t going to be refinished so you can just move everything into one room.

Sand the Floors

The floors will then be sanded to ensure a smooth working surface. This will need to be done so that the stain can be applied evenly and provide a consistent look throughout the house.

Treat the Hardwood

The hardwood will then be treated and stained. The color of stain you choose should be reviewed thoroughly with your contractor before the project starts. If it is not just right when it goes down, it will be expensive and a huge hassle to pull it all back up to do it again.

Let the Flooring Dry Completely

Make sure the flooring is completely dry before you place any furniture on it. This part of the process is a step that many people overlook or don’t take seriously, but it is extremely important to maintain the integrity of the refinish job. Turn on the furnace a little bit higher than you normally would to speed up the process or set window fans to high.

Clean up the Mess

Make sure the mess is completely cleaned up. Work with a contractor who has respect for your home and doesn’t leave any kind of mess at all after they have left. Refinishing your hardwood floors can be hugely advantageous in your home as long as all the steps are followed properly.