Is It Time to Refinish Your Floors?

Hardwood floors are gorgeous. They are truly the gold standard in home flooring because they are attractive, easy to clean, and durable. Daily maintenance is a breeze, as wood floors simply require regular sweeping and occasional damp mopping to look their best. Normal wear and tear just enhances the look of a quality hard wood floor. That said, many wood floor owners find themselves looking at the dings and scratches in their floor that have built up over time and wonder if it needs to be refinished. When does a floor need complete refinishing? Here are a few things to consider to help you make the decision:

·         Your hardwood floor has two or three basic components: the finish, possibly a stain, and the wood itself. Normal wear and tear to the floor typically involves only the finish. As long as the finish on your floor remains intact and continues to protect the underlying wood, refinishing the floor is probably not necessary. If your floor has extensive wear and has lost its luster, you can have your floor recoated to restore the shine. In the recoating process, the floor is lightly sanded down to remove the finish. At this point, small repairs can be made, a new stain can be added to update the look, and a new coat of finish can be applied.

·         If the damage to your floor has penetrated through the finish and involves the wood itself, the only solution is refinishing. Deep scratches into the wood, cracked or warped floorboards, and stains are examples of types of damage that require extensive repair to the wood itself, not just the finish. When the floor is refinished, it is sanded down through the finish and the stain to the original bare wood. At this point, the wood can either be repaired or damaged sections can be completely replaced. Unfortunately, it is not possible to refinish just a portion of a damaged floor. When refinishing is required, you can expect to need to do the whole floor.

Hardwood floor refinishing is a big decision and a big project. But, there is nothing that compares to a beautiful hardwood floor, so the right care is worth the effort. We can help you make the right decision for your Kennesaw, GA, home.