Importance of Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood floors are an elegant home staple that can make a space feel warm and natural. It can be easy to overlook the necessary maintenance of hardwood flooring, but being proactive can make a huge impact on the appearance and longevity. As you look for professional help with hardwood flooring in Kennesaw, GA, then here are some reasons why refinishing is important.

Signs That Indicate a Need for Refinishing

There are some easy to recognize symptoms of wear on wooden flooring that indicate a refinishing is in order. A lack of luster is a surface level issue. Things like splintering or discoloration are also clear signs that the wood is getting worn out and could use a little pick me up. These are signs that general wear from walking over that space have made the finish fade.

How Refinishing Works

There are multiple methods for refinishing wooden hardwood floors. Sanding is one way to go about it. Sanding smooths out wood that might be splintering or might have become uneven because of walking and wear. Screening is another option, and it accomplishes the same goal as sanding but without making as much of a mess. Either way, this preparatory stage is important for smoothing out the rough edges. Once this is accomplished, and any dust is thoroughly cleaned away, the final stage can get to work of putting down a coat of fresh laminate. This coat doesn’t take too long to put down, and can typically dry in an hour. More than one coat may need to be applied, depending on the laminate you use. Reference the specific instructions as needed.

The Positive Impact of Regular Refinishing

Personal comfort is a real benefit of refinishing your floors, as it makes it much friendlier to your feet. You don’t have to worry about splinters in your feet or tripping over wooden panels if you regularly smooth them out. Aesthetically, it just makes your floors look prettier and more appealing. It simply makes the floors look more uniform, and therefore more elegant, enhancing the appearance of your home. Tagging along with that, it reinforces your home’s value by keeping up with the maintenance, including the flooring, which is why you should consider professional hardwood flooring refinishing in Kennesaw, GA.