How to Repair Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring is a beautiful part of any home. When it gets damaged, it can feel like the world is crashing down around you. This article is here to tell you how to fix it. Before getting started, understand that you won’t learn how to cover up a problem; you’ll find out how to fix the problem entirely.

The basic repair is the simple scratch fix. The first thing you want to do is level out the surface. Depending on the depth of the scratch, this can be accomplished using a fine steel wool or lightweight sandpaper. Make sure that, whichever you use, you’re only applying a little bit of pressure. Be the turtle, not the hare. Besides, this isn’t a race; it’s a repair job. Think about it this way: when you get your haircut, would you rather take off a big chunk to see if you like it or slowly work down to a length that you’re happy with? Now, take into account that hardwood floor doesn’t grow back. Next, you can rub mineral spirits over the area to clean it, apply some wood filler with a putty knife, and smooth out the dried filler with some lightweight sandpaper. Make sure that the wood filler is premixed and matches the color of your flooring, and only sand the excess filler this time. The final step is to apply varnish or something similar over the spot to protect it.

This next fix is for more extensive damage. You need to first determine and mark the area that needs to be replaced. Drill a few relief holes close to the line and start your cut on the line with a chisel and hammer, making a very shallow cut for now. Using a circular saw, make relief cuts in the middle of the area to be removed. Finish chiseling out the piece, making sure to completely clean out the entire area, including the groove and tongue area. Prepare your new board by cutting off the bottom groove and cutting it down to the size needed. Make sure it’s going to fit nice and snug. Put the new board into place by sliding the tongue side into the groove still in the floor and laying it down the rest of the way. If needed, tap it into place with a rubber mallet. After that, you may decide you need to finish the piece to blend it in with the rest of the floor.

That’s it. Fixing a hardwood floor isn’t impossible, even if it might be a little complicated.