How to Keep Your Hardwood Floors Looking Beautiful

Hardwood floors can be a great investment in your home. If you are going install hardwood floors, you must be aware of how to take care of them. It is only through routine and proper maintenance that you can keep your hardwood floors looking great. With this in mind, here are 3 simple rules to keep your floors looking as good as new.

Remove Your Shoes

When you tromp around on your wood floors with shoes on, you leave a lot of sand and dirt behind that can get into the wood grains of your floor. Dirt is also an abrasive material that can scratch and ultimately ruin your floors over time. In addition to removing your shoes when you enter the home, make sure you have mats and rugs both on the exterior and interior side of any doors. For rainy or snowy weather, have a place where you and your guests can remove wet shoes or boots before entering.

Vacuum or Dust Before Washing

When you are washing and mopping your wood floors, you might actually be rubbing dirt into your floors. Make sure you thoroughly vacuum or use a dust mop on your floors before washing them. A high-quality microfiber duster will pick up dust, dirt, and pet hair. Following that, use only hardwood approved cleaning agents on your floors as most chemical cleaners on the market are too abrasive to be used on hardwood.

Use Vinegar and Water

Although there are many products on the market that are made to be used on hardwood floors, the best thing to use to clean your floors is something you probably already have on hand. One cup of vinegar mixed with a gallon of water makes a great cleaning solution for your floors.

Solid hardwood flooring in Kennesaw, GA, is beautiful and can have a lot of benefits, but only if you are treating it right. Make sure you know what to do to keep your hardwood flooring in Kennesaw, GA, in tip-top shape with these tips.