How to Extend the Life of Your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are extremely durable, but they can still be worn down over time. They may need to be sanded and refinished, or, in some cases, replaced entirely. Luckily, there are a few ways that you can help to protect and preserve your solid hardwood flooring in Kennesaw, GA. Read these tips to learn how you can help your flooring to last longer and stay beautiful.

Protect from Moisture

Moisture is the arch nemesis of wood floors. Too much moisture can cause wood to warp and bulge in places, which can't be fixed with simple refinishing. There are a few different ways to protect your floors from moisture.

First, if there is any kind of liquid spill on your flooring, clean it up right away. Letting it sit will allow the liquid to soak into and damage the wood. Second, try to monitor and control the humidity in your home. Georgia is a humid area, so make sure that your air conditioning unit keeps humidity at a moderate level throughout the year. If the humidity rises too much, the wood can warp throughout your home, causing it to become uneven.

Keep It Clean

With hardwood floors, sweeping and mopping is about more than just maintaining a clean home. If dirt and debris are left on your wood floors, they can scratch and damage the finish as you walk over it or move objects around. Even if the scratches are minuscule, they can compromise the overall integrity of the wood's finish. So keep your floors clean as well as you can, and you'll keep them beautiful as well.

Place Rugs Appropriately

High-traffic areas in your home will naturally wear down the floors much more quickly. If you want to avoid developing worn-down trails in your wood floors, you should strategically place rugs and runners in these high-traffic locations. This prevents your family and guests from wearing down the flooring in those areas too quickly.