How to Choose the Right Solid Hardwood Flooring

Home style trends come and go, but one decor choice remains constant: hardwood floors. Solid hardwood flooring in Kennesaw, GA, is a wise design choice for its great style, easy maintenance, and high value. What factors should you consider when choosing new hardwood floors?


Wood flooring hardness is rated using the Janka scale, which measures the force needed to embed a steel ball into the wood. Pine is the softest on the scale, walnut is at the top of the scale, and everything else falls in between. The harder the wood, the fewer scratches and dings. Floors with pets and children fare better with harder woods, so be honest in your assessment of what your floor will need to withstand.


Wood naturally comes in a wide variety of colors, ranging from the cool blonde of maple to the rich red of Brazilian cherry, so you can easily find one in the tone you want. Additionally, wood is easy to stain, which opens up the color choices even more. Aside from color preference, another thing to keep in mind is that dark floors are more difficult to maintain because they show dust and scratches more easily, while light floors are generally very forgiving.


Different wood species have distinctly different characteristics. Maple has very few knots and burls and its grain is extremely subtle. These qualities make it possible to have a floor that looks uniform across its entire surface. Other woods, like oak and hickory, have distinctive grain patterns, which will give depth and interest to your floor.


Hardwood floor can be finished with a variety of different textures, including smooth, hand-scraped, wire-brushed, and distressed. Each of these finishing choices, combined with the color and grain of the wood you choose, will give you a unique and beautiful floor.

Nothing beats solid hardwood flooring. No other product looks as beautiful, lasts as long, or adds as much value to a home as solid wood floors. A hardwood flooring services company in Kennesaw can help you choose and install a hardwood floor that is right for you and your family.