Hardwood Flooring Trends in 2016

Several trends have dominated the flooring industry this year. Extreme stains, wide planks, and matte finishes are in high demand this year. Competitive hardwood flooring prices in Kennesaw, GA, are also helping homeowners create beautiful, custom floors. Check out this list of the latest trends from the experts at Emperial Hardwood Floors.

Darks and Lights

Extreme stains are at the top of the list this year as very dark and very light stains are among the most popular. In previous years, warm red tones were in high demand but new modern trends in home decor call for stains that make a bold statement. Ebony and espresso are among the darkest stains available on the market today. When paired with white accent rugs and furniture, these colors create a clean, elegant look in any room. Cool grey and white washed wood on the other end of the spectrum help open up a room and allow for more versatility in decor and accent colors.



High and semi-gloss are out this year with satin becoming the most requested finished. Matte is also gaining more appeal as homeowners seek a more natural look to wood floors. Homeowners who love the look of natural stone and honed granite can also enjoy this look on hardwood floors. In lieu of shiny finishes, homeowners are also looking at oiled floors that bring out natural textures and grains of the wood. The wire-brushed look is also popular for high-traffic areas because it hides dirt and scratches while still lending a shabby chic look to any room.

Plank Size and Species

Bigger is better in 2016. The width of an average plank is about 3.25 inches but lately wide planks have been in high demand. Prefinished 6-inch planks are perfect for homeowners looking for a more rustic look in the home. They look especially good in an open floor plan. Customers are also looking for homegrown hardwoods from the United States in efforts to support their local economy and businesses. White oak, hickory, maple, and pine are among the most popular species in the US right now.

Check out all of these great trends and hardwood flooring prices. Contact your local experts at Empire Hardwood Floors for more information.