Factors That Affect Hardwood Flooring Installation Cost

Before you decide to install any floors, it’s a good idea to get an estimate on hardwood flooring services in Kennesaw, GA. Costs can range widely depending on a number of factors, and not just because different companies have different prices. Different floors in your home may cost you different amounts of money, too. Here we have a few points for you to consider when deciding what sort of floor to buy.


Different types of hardwood are priced differently, depending on the abundance of that type of wood and the quality of it. If you want to buy high-quality hardwood planks, you usually have to pay for the privilege. There are some stores that will sell discounted hardwood, usually leftover wood from other projects, and sometimes, you will be able to luck out and find good wood for low prices, but there’s some luck involved in this. There are also some online enterprise sales companies that sell wood cheaply, but you need to make sure they are reputable before committing to any purchases.

Floor Size

Obviously, one of the major factors in your floor price will be the size of that floor. Larger floors use more materials, so you will have a lot more wood to pay for when flooring a larger room. This also affects the installation time, and since they take longer to install, there will also be higher labor costs, even using the best hardwood flooring company in Kennesaw, GA. For this reason, many homeowners installing floors in larger rooms will spend longer looking for discount wood, while those with smaller floors can afford to be a little more flexible.


Most floors have a simple pattern of staggered wooden planks all running in the same direction. These are simple to manage, and most companies can easily measure for them and install them in a short span of time. However, if you are looking at more intricate patterns while getting hardwood flooring installation in Kennesaw, GA, these will take more careful planning, cutting, and installing. That means that your prices will rise accordingly.

With so many options, Emperial Hardwood Floors is here to guide through the buying and installation process, contact us for a free estimate today!