Different Types of Wood Flooring

Wood adds warmth and beauty to a home while also being durable, versatile, and timeless, making it the perfect option for your flooring needs in any room. But when once you settle on hardwood floors, the decisions don’t end there. An ever-growing variety of options are available if you’re looking for wood flooring in Marietta. Here are some things to consider.

Real Wood Versus Veneer

When shopping for hardwood flooring, you’ll have the option of selecting solid wood or engineered wood. The main advantage of solid hardwood is that you can sand and refinish it multiple times. However, it can be damaged by water and humidity, so you should think twice about installing it in a bathroom or basement. Engineered hardwood, which consists of a veneer of real wood on top of layers of plywood, is generally less expensive and holds up better to moisture, making it suitable for any location, even below ground. But it can be refinished fewer times than real hardwood before the veneer wears away, limiting its range.

Prefinished or Unfinished

Some homeowners opt for prefinished hardwood because of its convenience. It’s already sanded and sealed before installation, so there’s no mess to clean up or unpleasant odor to live with. Plus, the installation is a lot quicker, making it the ideal option for people who need to use their newly floored rooms immediately. However, prefinished choices can be more limited, so if you’re looking for a unique color to match existing flooring or complement other wood in the room like cabinets or molding, then unfinished may be the best choice because of its possibilities for customization.

Wood Species

Since each species is characterized by unique colors and grains, for some, the choice between them boils down to aesthetics and personal preference. But if you’re a practical person, you’ll also want to consider the durability of each species and how you plan to use your space. If you have active kids or pets, you may want a hard species like oak or hickory that will hold up well. But if you prefer a richer look and you’re not as worried about scratches, then you have more options, like American cherry. Remember, though, with proper care and maintenance, you can keep your floors looking great, no matter which species you choose.

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