3 Common Maintenance Tips for Hardwood Floors

Hardwood is the top choice for flooring on the market for a reason. If you want to put hardwood flooring in your home, there are some important things that you should consider before choosing your hardwood floor in Kennesaw, GA. There are a lot of different choices when it comes to hardwood flooring. You’ll want to ask questions like: Do I want solid or engineered hardwood? What species will best meet my needs? What finish do I want on my flooring? The following will help you answer these important questions.

Engineered or Solid Hardwood?

Making the choice between engineered or solid hardwood is important. Both are great options, but they come with different advantages. Engineered hardwood is becoming more and more popular because of some of its advantages. Engineered hardwood is made up of layers of glued and pressed wood with a thin layer of solid hardwood on top. Sometimes engineered hardwood is less expensive, but not in every case. If you're interested in some of the very expensive and exotic hardwoods, getting engineered hardwood might lower your price tag since less of the exotic wood is actually used. Engineered hardwood is often a little bit more durable than solid hardwood as well, and it can be installed over cement and in basements, something that is not recommended with solid hardwood. Solid hardwood has the advantage of being able to be refinished over and over again, unlike engineered flooring. If you think you might want to change the finish in the future or want to be able to refinish whenever your floor shows signs of wear, then perhaps solid hardwood is the best choice for you.

What Species Is Best?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question, just answers that might fit your lifestyle and aesthetic. The two main things you want to make sure you take into consideration when choosing a species is what it looks like and where it falls on the hardness scale. Different woods have different textures and hardnesses. If you live an active lifestyle or have kids or pets, you'll want to look for a wood that rates high on the hardness scale. Hickory, maple, and Brazilian walnut are some of the hardest species on the market. These would be good choices for high traffic areas or homes that have kids and/or pets.

What Finish Should I Get?

Your floor can be finished with several different kinds of sealers. They can also be factory finished or finished on-site (if they're solid hardwood; engineered floors are always factory finished). Finishing on-site is recommended if you are trying to match existing flooring. Wax was the original product used to finish wood floors. Wax produces a low sheen and is environmentally friendly. It does wear more easily and will need to be reapplied and refinished more often. Oil- and water-based polyurethanes are the standard for flooring finishes. Water based poly has lower VOCs and is more environmentally friendly, but may be less durable than oil poly. Other less common finishes are acid-cured finishes (expensive, but extremely durable) and moisture-cured urethanes. Both of these options have very high VOCs and will require professional application and that you stay away from the home for a few days. A hardwood flooring company in Kennesaw, GA, can help you decide which finish will be best for your home.