4 Signs You've Hired a Good Hardwood Flooring Company

If you've made the decision to get hardwood flooring, you know all of the wonderful reasons why you should. All you have left to do is get it installed. When getting anything installed, you want to make sure it's done right. Laying down hardwood floor isn't the hardest thing in the world, but if you aren't skilled at the task, then you're able to make mistakes.

You might have a neighbor who's extremely good at DIY tasks and fix-er-uppers, but that doesn't mean you should call him and have him come over to install your new floors! If you want to get your floors installed right, you need to call a professional. When hiring a professional, it can be hard to tell whether or not you found the right person for the job. Thankfully there are four signs that you can use to tell if you found the right hardwood flooring company in Kennesaw, GA.

1.       The company provided thorough detail and a reliable quote. You might not know, but a written quote from a company is actually a legal document. They aren't allowed to go back on a price they gave you once they've written in down. A proper quote will include information about the installation process, material, and preparation. You want it to include details of all of the work the company will be doing for you.

2.       They properly prepare the subfloor. Before they begin to install the hardwood floor, it's important that the floor underneath is clean, flat, and dry. If any of these things aren't in line, there can be many problems during installation or throughout the years. Make sure that your hardwood installation company has removed any debris from the areas in which they will be placing new flooring.

3.       You want a company that prepares the layout. If they start installing your hardwood floors within ten to twenty minutes upon arrival, you might be in trouble. A good hardwood flooring company will carefully plan the layout of each room before they begin the installation process.

4.       If they use enough nails, you've got a good hardwood flooring company on your hands. It's actually extremely important that they use the correct amount of nails. You want your floor to be sealed to the ground securely.