3 Common Maintenance Tips for Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are some of the most desirable types of flooring. They're aesthetically pleasing, age well, and increase a home's value. However, if you don't maintain your floors as you should, they can get scratched, warped, or discolored. With damaged wood floors, the atmosphere of your interior will take a hit and if you ever decide to sell, they'll work against you instead of for you. To keep your hardwood flooring in Kennesaw, GA, take a look at the top 3 ways to maintain their appearance and functionality.

Dry the Rain and Water

Keeping water off your hardwood floors will go a long way to keeping the overall quality good. Water can ruin the upper-level finish and can get deep into the wood, causing warping and color changes. Ensuring that your windows are closed if there's going to be some precipitation and putting plates under your potted plants can prevent moisture from leeching into your flooring.

If you have hardwood flooring in Kennesaw, GA, placed in your kitchen or laundry room, it's much more difficult to control if water gets onto them. If you can anticipate that water will be spilling onto your flooring, use area rugs to mitigate the possibility.

Use the Right Floor Cleaner

Before you use any floor cleaners, you should check to see that they’re safe for hardwood floors. Harsh chemicals can leave stains. When in doubt, test a small amount of the cleaner on an inconspicuous area. When you have wood flooring put in, you can even save a panel of wood for these kinds of testing purposes.

Strategic Rug Usage

Just like with water, make sure to prevent damage with rugs in high-traffic areas. If you have dogs, put rugs where they run in and out. Runners, circular rugs, and mats can all be used to keep your wood floors looking their best for years to come. Consider investing in rubber or plastic mats to put beneath your rugs to keep them from slipping around.