Trendy Ideas for Hardwood Flooring

Several new trends have been making waves in the flooring industry this year. For truly unique hardwood floors in Kennesaw, GA, check out the top hardwood flooring designs from the professionals at Emperial Hardwood Floors.

Dark Wood

This year, homeowners have veered away traditional wood-colored tones and opted for extreme darks and lights. Dark finishes like ebony make a very bold statement and go with nearly every decorating style, especially the modern minimalist take on decor. For a warmer tone, try dark walnut, Jacobean, or royal mahogany with a dark stain. Oak and cherry are also perfect for this elegant look.

Gray Tones

On the other end of the extreme color trend is wood flooring with gray tones. People have come to realize that neutral gray wood, carpeting, or tile go perfectly with almost every color scheme. It pairs well with bold colors like orange and teal but is also great with warm taupe and dark brown. They are also ideal for high traffic homes because it hides dirt and scratches easily. 


This style originated in European high-end flooring stores and has slowly gained popularity here in the United States. Lime-washing, also known as pickling, is when lime and water are applied to the wood. This produces a subtle whitewashed effect on the wood. This look goes well with coastal themes as well as modern decorating styles. For the best look, go with lime-washed oak or ash. 


The wire-brushed looked is achieved by applying a rough, wire brush across the surface of the wood to give it a textured appearance. This style is perfect for high traffic areas or homes with pets because it effectively hides claw marks and dirt. You can apply this style to almost any type of wood flooring but it looks especially good on white and gray colored planks.

For more information on some of the latest trends in hardwood flooring in Kennesaw, GA, check out the Emperial Hardwood Floors showroom.