Why Choose Emperial Hardwood Floors to Refinish Your Floors

Hardwood floors are an investment in the overall value and beauty of your home. With a little bit of love and elbow grease, your floors will last for the life of your home. But if your hardwood floors are starting to look a little worn or old, or if you’ve just pulled up a corner of carpet to discover hardwoods underneath, Emperial Hardwood floors can help get your floors looking like a showroom by refinishing your hardwoods.

Refinishing Hardwoods

Refinishing hardwood floors is a labor-intensive process that requires sanding your floors to expose the beauty of the wood beneath years of scratches, dents, wax, and previous finishes. If you’ve been walking on those hardwoods for more than a decade, it’s probably time to refinish the floors. Hardwood floors can outlast hundreds of years, according to the National Wood Flooring Association, but that’s only if they’ve been properly maintained. Even if it’s been less than a decade since the last time your hardwoods were refinished, if your floors have a lot of deep scratches, wear marks, furniture indentions, or lack a good shine, it’s probably time to refinish the floors.

When the experts at Emperial Hardwoods are tasked with bringing new life back to your hardwood floors, we use the dust containment system to plastic off the room and cabinets, which keeps dust down to a minimum. Technicians will use a large sander or floor-type buffer to sand the entire floor into a smooth canvas.

Then, technicians will stain the floor and finally, apply finish. The finish can require multiple coats to get it done right. The average refinishing job will take about a week, as technicians wait for one coat to dry before they start on the next one.

Shining up your hardwoods will improve the look of your home, adding value in the process. Floors are an often overlooked part of many homes, but refinished floors can make your entire home feel and look like new. As an added bonus, if you have dingy carpet covering hardwoods, refinishing what’s beneath your dirty carpet can cost less than replacing the carpet.

Refinishing hardwood floors in Kennesaw, GA, doesn’t have to be a major hassle. In no time, the professionals at Emperial Hardwood Florrs can be in and out of your home, leaving beautiful floors in their wake.