Great Tips for Shopping for Hardwood Floors

When it comes to shopping for hardwood floors, it's important to research more than just the hardwood floor prices in Kennesaw. There are other things to consider to ensure that homeowners choose the right floors to meet their needs and personal preferences. Here are 5 things that they need to consider before making their decision.

Types of Wood

There are 2 types of hardwood: solid and engineered. Solid wood can be sanded and finished to meet the personal preferences of homeowners. Engineered wood can also be sanded and finished, but not as much as natural wood. Engineered wood is made from wood and veneers, which makes it easy to install, too.

Wood Species

Before choosing a particular wood species, homeowners should start by determining whether they want a light, medium, or dark wood. Some of the options for light wood includes ash or maple, medium wood includes hickory and oak, and dark wood examples include mahogany and walnut.


When installing hardwood floors, homeowners want something that will last a long time. For people with children or pets, it's especially important to choose something durable. In order to determine how long the flooring will last, research the hardness of each type.

Amount Needed

To determine how much hardwood to purchase, one should start by measuring the space, then order 10% more. When installing hardwood floor, it might be necessary to cut planks in order to fill the space. After cutting a plank, it can no longer be used in other parts of the room.


Wood Finish

The amount of shine from wood planks is determined by its finish. A satin finish reflects the least light. A semi-gloss finish provides some glow, and a matte finish that gives the most amount of shine.

After considering each of these things, give us a call with any other questions or concerns about what to choose for your hardwood floors. We can help you make the right choice for your home, so you feel good about the purchase.