Why Are Hardwood Floors the Top Choice of Modern Designers?

Today's designers are more likely to recommend hardwood floors than almost any other type of flooring. This is because they are easy to care for and provide an unparalleled aesthetic effect. Whether you want something light like bamboo or dark like mahogany, hardwood is available in a range of hues. We have seen numerous modern designers advise their clients to install this type of flooring because of all the benefits it provides.

They Are Easy to Clean and Maintain

Hardwood floors are easy to maintain and can be cleaned quickly with a combination of broom and mop. Unlike carpets, you don't need to rent expensive equipment if you spill either liquid or dry goods onto the flooring. You can use natural cleaners like vinegar or commercially available ones to ensure your home always looks sparkling.

They Reduce the Amount of Allergens

Many people don't realize the amount of allergens that can be found in the common carpet. Unless you religiously vacuum and get your carpets steam cleaned a couple times a year, dust mites, dust, and dirt will get crushed into the deepest layers of carpet. Dust mites are an unavoidable part of having carpet. These creatures can cause serious respiratory issues in people living with carpets. Everyone likes to walk on nice, soft carpet, especially when it's cold outside, but choosing to get small carpets that can be more easily taken outside and shook can more effectively rid it of allergens deep in the fibers.

They Look Good with a Variety of Interior Styles

Hardwood flooring comes in a variety of wood types and styles. Whether you like highly-polished, dark flooring or light and matte, there will be a wood that goes with the cabinets, countertops, and furnishings that you choose. If you get tired of the exact hue of the wood at some point, you can also strip off the sealant and re-stain the grain in order to get a different effect down the road.