Why Emperial Hardwood Floors Is a Reliable Source for Flooring

In Georgia, many homeowners and designers are looking for a simple, beautiful way to cover the floors of their homes. People who have already had hardwood flooring have experienced the ease and delight that wooden floors provide. Whether you want an estimate for hardwood floor installation in Marietta, GA, or would like to refinish the hardwood floors you already have, our company has been successfully serving customers since 1979. We know about all aspects of hardwood flooring and can provide you with the type of service that you will only get from a family-owned, locally-operated company.

Decades of Experience with Hardwood Flooring

In the 1970s, we first became interested in hardwood floor installation. We opened our doors in 1979 and have been invested in the flooring business arena ever since. Because we have decades of experience with flooring, we've seen all types of jobs and have had our share of unique requests. Whatever your specific vision for your home is, we can provide the hardwood flooring that will begin to make it come alive.

Different Aspects of Hardwood Flooring

We don't just provide hardwood flooring, we're also seasoned in refinishing hardwood flooring, installing different types of woods, and putting on new finishing coats. If you already have wood that has some scratches, you can have them buffed out and the wood re-finished. We've seen many great wooden floors revealed after pulling up old carpet. These only need to be refinished in some cases and sealed to create beautiful flooring that will last for many years to come.

Family- and Customer-Oriented Service

Our business is a family affair. It's owned by a married couple who have worked together since its founding. With our focus on local customers, we can provide personalized care that you simply can't find in a large chain store that carries hundreds of products and employs people who don't know in-depth information about the ways to install and treat hardwood flooring.