What Does It Take to Refinish Your Hardwood Flooring?

Wood floors are a true beauty. They are classic, elegant, sophisticated, and last a long, long time. Unfortunately, they need some help staying in shape now and then. As beautiful and timeless as wood flooring is, it is highly prone to damage, and, even if properly kept up, will fade over time. That is, unless refinishing is performed. Hardwood floor refinishing in Kennesaw, GA, can help your floor look as good as new again, protect it from natural wear and tear, and giving your entire home a refreshed and renewed feel.

By this process, wood is given a new, glossy coat with a rich wood color and protective finish, making it look as close to new as possible. So that you are well informed on what is involved and why it is necessary, here are the steps to refinishing a hardwood floor.

  1. First, a professional will use a buffer to sand down the existing finish on your floor.

  2. A vacuum will be needed to clean up the mess the buffer makes along with any dirt or dust that was already on your floor.

  3. Next, a professional will use a water-based polyurethane product to stain the wood in one of a variety of colored finishes. The finish will be hand-painted on with a special synthetic brush to evenly coat the entire floor. A second coat will often be applied after a few hours, once the first layer is absorbed and dries.

  4. Last, a clear finish will be applied. This will work as a shining wax and a protective film over your flooring.

As simple as this sounds, this is a job best handled by a professional, who will have the skills, knowledge, and experience to handle this job well. Your wood flooring is precious and delicate; be sure that your hardwood floor refinishing job leaves the wood in much better condition than it was before. If done expertly and regularly, your floor will last as long as your home itself.