Common Mistakes Made When Installing Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring can lend a sophisticated look to any home. Unfortunately, if it is installed improperly, it can instead detract from the overall appearance of your house. No homeowner wants to host a dinner party in which the salad keeps sliding off the table due to uneven flooring. Even more importantly, you do not want the guests tripping over the loose floorboards and dropping their delectable desserts. If you are preparing for hardwood flooring installation, we have two pieces of advice on how to avoid these unpleasant scenarios.

Prepare the Subfloor First

This may seem obvious (as you clearly cannot prepare it after your flooring has been installed), but eagerness can lead some people to skimp on this aspect of the work and optimistically (and foolishly) hope for the best. After the whole floor is completed, you can hardly expect to begin altering the subfloor beneath it, so you need to contain your excitement long enough to make a good bed for your beautiful new hardwood.

What kind of bed does your hardwood like? It depends on the type of flooring you want, but most varieties do not take well to particle board subfloors. Most kinds should also not be applied directly to slabs. If you face these kinds of issues, you have two choices: either alter your existing subfloor to conform to your desired flooring, or alter your desires in flooring to conform to your existing subfloor. Your new flooring also does not want to be placed on dirt or grime that will keep it from adhering properly. Logically, then, you will also not want debris on the underside of the flooring itself.


Moisture issues are the most common cause of floor complaints. Low or high moisture can both be suitable environments for many kinds of wood (although you should always check the manufacturer’s instructions), but storing the wood in one climate and then immediately installing it in another is a recipe for disaster. Ask your professional installer what has been done to ensure acclimatization, and make sure that your home is at a stable moisture level. For example, the windows and doors should be in place to keep outside air from altering the moisture.

With the proper preparation, your fabulous hardwood flooring will add value and class to your house. Just do not let your excitement prevent you from providing it a proper home.