How Refinishing Can Protect the Value of Your Hardwood Floor

Hardwood flooring provides a rare combination of both classic and modern flair to a home. Consequently, it adds value that will not be diminished in the future. Unlike more trendy flooring choices, it is timeless. More importantly, it can be refinished repeatedly for little cost, instead of requiring expensive and time-consuming replacement. If you are interested in hardwood floor refinishing in Marietta, Georgia, we have two ways to make the most of this option.

Give It a Quick Face-Lift

The key to preserving the youthful appearance of a product is to catch any problems while they are still minor. Regular maintenance of your flooring can help it retain its beauty and value without the expense of a major overhaul. If the pathetically sparse finish and unsightly scratches are beginning to resemble an aging manicure, now is the time to recoat it. This will restore the fabulous shine of your hardwood without depleting all the time and money you would rather be spending on an exotic vacation.

To recoat hardwood, you simply need to buff the existing floor to give the new coat a rough finish to which it can adhere. After it is rough (but clean), you can apply polyurethane. Oil-based polyurethane is less expensive than the water-based variety, but it takes longer to dry. (You can choose your type based on whether time or money will make more of an impact on that exotic getaway.)

Go a Little Deeper

If the finish is badly worn or the scratches are severe, you may need to completely refinish your floor. This is still likely to be less expensive and bothersome than replacing an entire floor, so do not be afraid to roll up your sleeves and have a little fun. This is a great opportunity to update the color of the floor to one that is currently more popular (therefore of higher market value) or just more your taste than the questionable style of the eccentric former homeowner. The sanding will need to be more intense, but you will soon have a spectacular floor that can last for years.

Hardwood refinishing provides the opportunity to easily maintain or improve your lovely flooring. With a little work, you will have a home that now appraises higher and makes an even better setting for the year’s most fabulous dinner parties.